Cheap Tummy Tucks 101

With so many individuals heading into their local plastic surgeon’s office, it seems like everyone knows somebody who has gone under the knife. Perhaps one of the more common procedures gaining popularity in recent years is the tummy tuck. While many people choose to pursue this treatment option as a way to combat the after effects of childbirth, there are many reasons why people look to surgery to treat their abdominal woes. And though the results can be quite appealing, they come with a hefty bill. In this article, we will outline a few ideas to help you achieve your ideal abdominal physique on a budget.

Option 1 – The Possibility Of Insurance Coverage

To begin, contact your insurance provider to find out if there is any possibility of obtaining coverage for the procedure. While many providers do not offer coverage for these procedures, there are some instances in which exceptions might be made. These exceptions include reconstructive surgery, or if you are able to provide evidence that your current condition is causing added health risks, which might be alleviated by the procedure.

Option 2 – Inquire as to Available Financing With Your Surgeon

Find out about possible financing options. Many surgical practices offer patients monthly payment plans to help with the costs incurred from the surgery. Speak with your chosen physician in regard to your options and the financing that is available to you.

Option 3 – Consider A Student Program

In many cases, hospitals will have resident training programs. These programs offer students the opportunity to learn their craft while providing patient will discounts on the procedure at hand. While the procedure will usually be performed by a certified physician who is learning more about the plastic surgery field, the surgery will always be monitored and supervised by a board-certified plastic surgeon.

Option 4 – Head Overseas for Your Procedure

While you should be cautioned when considering this option, this can be an effective way to obtain the desired outcome at a much lower cost. However, keep in mind that different countries hold various standards of care, which may pose a higher risk than if done in the U.S. You will be required to stay in the country where the procedure is performed for at least a week into your recovery, so be sure to factor these costs into the equation as well.

If you or someone you know are interested in having a tummy tuck performed, the best option is always to get in contact with a board certified plastic surgeon. He or she will help you to better understand your available options, while recommending a treatment plan which suits your specified needs.

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  • March 26, 2018

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