Days gone by in Lapland Yllas

The culture in Lapland is strong and the locals still live their life bound by their customs, traditions and cultures.  Hunters and fishermen started roaming the landscapes of Yllas as soon as the last ice age ended. The rivers and streams were teaming with good catches and the forests and open plains offered some great hunting to local hunters.

The winter separation has been celebrated for years and is when the Reindeer are rounded up and some of them are taken for slaughter, this was a big celebration with market stalls which traded Reindeer meat and other products such as liquor.  There is still the opportunity to experience this in Lapland now where you can enjoy Sami lasso throwing and Reindeer wrestling under the twilight of the polar night.

Cabins were being built years ago and were usually situated on the banks of the meadows to allow the families to be close enough to the fields where all of the family would work.  You can still take trips to some of the old renovated meadow cabins where you can look at the dates and initials carved on the trees by the farm workers all those years ago.

One of the ways the people of Lapland entertained themselves in days gone by was lighting a fire and telling stories or singing songs. There are lots of activities where you can do just that in Lapland. When the summer is drawing to a close and the nights are getting darker, visit one of the remotest parts of Lapland where you can cook your dinner on the fire and get the feel of what days gone by really felt like.

Music and singing was and still is a big part of Lapland’s culture and for years concerts and music festivals have been held to celebrate different times of year. One of the largest and most popular music festivals of winter is the Yllas Jazz blues,  held in late January.  This festival sees people coming from far and wide to celebrate the winter time and music.

Yllasjarvi is one of the southernmost villages in Yllas and is full of culture and history.  The first farm in Yllasjarvi was founded in 1771 and was situated around a lake rich with fish which maintained the community throughout the year. Agriculture started in the area in the 18th century and the first tourists arrived in the area in the 1930’s. Tourism rapidly grew as the years went by and helped maintain a lifestyle for the locals of Lapland.

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  • April 25, 2018

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