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Terms like, ‘bad carbs’ and ‘good carbs’, are used frequently by dieters, fitness experts and medicos. You will also expect to hear about good and bad carbohydrates from your medico if you are diagnosed with Type II Diabetes. It’s  vital to eat a balanced diabetes  nutritional intake and the correct amount of good carbs while living with Type 2 Diabetes. Good carbs are derived from healthy foods and meals. Bad carbs come from sugary rich foods that give a quick jolt of energy or a ‘sugar rush.’ Noting which carbs you take can help you manage your Type two diabetes.

To further explain dreaded carbohydrates for your blood sugar, you have to think about the foods that are loaded with copious sugar. These items high in sugar contain carbohydrates that are no longer in their natural form. They have been given additives such as food colorings, additional flavorings and preservatives. Bad carbs are foods that are irresistibly tasty and packaged for easy handling. They are detrimental for anybody keeping an eye on their blood sugar readings . Bad carbs will quickly cause a spike in blood sugar levels. Baked goods, candy, heavy white pastas and sodas are all versions of bad carbs. Diabetics are advised to generally stay away from these as the blood glucose spike that usually occurs.

Good carbohydrates are foods that have not been processed or altered by additives or people and are best for your health. These carbohydrates are usually high in fiber and give you energy over a long period. They also help your body to feel full. Good carbohydrates have a low glycemic index so they don’t cause a blood glucose spike. This is fantastic for sufferers with Diabetes Type 2. Examples of good carbs are vegetables, seeds, nuts, fruits, beans and whole grain breads. Medical Teams encourage patients with Type 2 Diabetes to include more good carbs in their daily diet to help control their diabetes. If you are not clear about how to start a healthy diabetes diet, ask your medico or nutritionist.

Knowing which carbs are good and bad for you is essential when living with Type II Diabetes. Eating good carbohydrates will help you control your blood sugar levels and can assist in losing bodyweight. By not worrying about the effects of not properly treating your Diabetes Type 2 you should expect to have the problems many  sufferers with Diabetes Type 2 face. Foot problems, poor circulation, kidney failure and neuropathy should be some of the main concerns for diabetics. Proper revised diet and treatment of Diabetes Type 2 can help prevent any of these conditions from growing out of control.

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