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Good Carbs Vs Bad Carbs – The Final Countdown

If you’re thinking about going on to a low carb diet or have just started one already, then the word you’ll have seen and heard most of all is carb. Chances are everywhere you’ll turn you’ll see this word and it will generally be given a negative spin. But, the fact is that your body needs some carbs. Carbohydrate foods play an important part in the way that your body works and the energy it can produce. Instead of believing that all carbs are to be avoided, it might be easier for you to simply split them up into good carbs and bad carbs.

Not all carbohydrate foods are the same. Some are downright unhealthy and shouldn’t really be stuff you eat…except maybe on a very occasional basis. These are the bad carbs. Eat too many bad carbs even on a low carb diet and the chances are your body will end up converting some of them to fat.

Other carbs (you guessed it, the good carbs) can, if used correctly, be real useful to your body. They can give it a range of nutrients, vitamins and minerals and fiber and can help it produce the energy it needs.

So, what is the difference between good carbs and bad carbs? Here’s one way of looking at it:

Bad carbs — bad carbs tend to be viewed as ’empty’ in terms of real nutritional value. Most bad carbs will come from food that has been heavily processed or refined…or that is high in refined sugars. Examples of bad carbs include foods that have been ‘bleached’ through processing like white bread, pasta and white rice and sugary foods such as cakes and candy.
Good carbs — good carbs can be found in foods that you eat more in their natural or original state. They will therefore naturally have a relatively high fiber content. Examples of good carbs include fruits, vegetables, brown rice and pastas, whole grain foods and beans.

One way of looking at how good and bad carbs work is to look at your body like it’s your car. You go to the gas station and you can choose to fill your tank with an economy gas or a premium gas. Now, you could choose to fill it up with the economy gas…and the car might still run. But, it might not run as well as it does on the premium gas.

It’s the same with carbs. Good carbs will make your body run better and they’ll therefore make it easier for you to lose weight. Bad carbs will keep you going but they can just give you a temporary “sugar spike” and could make you feel sluggish and listless afterwards…and they are likely to increase the fat in your body.

If you are on a diet, one of the biggest advantages of eating good carbs rather than bad carbs is that they can help solve one of the all-time greatest and most frustrating diet problems. Good carbs will stop you from feeling hungry for longer periods, whereas bad ones will only fill you up for a short period before hunger sets in again. Hopefully this one simple fact may be reason enough to make you think hard about eating more good carbs!

If you want some helpful suggestions then take a look at some of the solutions suggested at http://www.YouCanLoseWeightToday.com The ideas presented there might just help get your body working to lose weight fast for you and lessen your cravings during the process!

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Information About Best Carbs In Diabetes 2

Terms like, ‘bad carbs’ and ‘good carbs’, are used frequently by dieters, fitness experts and medicos. You will also expect to hear about good and bad carbohydrates from your medico if you are diagnosed with Type II Diabetes. It’s  vital to eat a balanced diabetes  nutritional intake and the correct amount of good carbs while living with Type 2 Diabetes. Good carbs are derived from healthy foods and meals. Bad carbs come from sugary rich foods that give a quick jolt of energy or a ‘sugar rush.’ Noting which carbs you take can help you manage your Type two diabetes.

To further explain dreaded carbohydrates for your blood sugar, you have to think about the foods that are loaded with copious sugar. These items high in sugar contain carbohydrates that are no longer in their natural form. They have been given additives such as food colorings, additional flavorings and preservatives. Bad carbs are foods that are irresistibly tasty and packaged for easy handling. They are detrimental for anybody keeping an eye on their blood sugar readings . Bad carbs will quickly cause a spike in blood sugar levels. Baked goods, candy, heavy white pastas and sodas are all versions of bad carbs. Diabetics are advised to generally stay away from these as the blood glucose spike that usually occurs.

Good carbohydrates are foods that have not been processed or altered by additives or people and are best for your health. These carbohydrates are usually high in fiber and give you energy over a long period. They also help your body to feel full. Good carbohydrates have a low glycemic index so they don’t cause a blood glucose spike. This is fantastic for sufferers with Diabetes Type 2. Examples of good carbs are vegetables, seeds, nuts, fruits, beans and whole grain breads. Medical Teams encourage patients with Type 2 Diabetes to include more good carbs in their daily diet to help control their diabetes. If you are not clear about how to start a healthy diabetes diet, ask your medico or nutritionist.

Knowing which carbs are good and bad for you is essential when living with Type II Diabetes. Eating good carbohydrates will help you control your blood sugar levels and can assist in losing bodyweight. By not worrying about the effects of not properly treating your Diabetes Type 2 you should expect to have the problems many  sufferers with Diabetes Type 2 face. Foot problems, poor circulation, kidney failure and neuropathy should be some of the main concerns for diabetics. Proper revised diet and treatment of Diabetes Type 2 can help prevent any of these conditions from growing out of control.

Control your Blood Sugar:
The Dr Michael Hutch PhD “Diabetes-Your-Blood-Sugar” sites provide useful information about Diabetes and Type 2 Diabetes.

Carbs and Weight Loss – A Close Relationship

When we talk about weigh loss invariably we need to address the nutrition topic as well, because our eating habits are in great part responsible for our weight. Carbohydrate intake is something that we are normally concerned with when we are trying to lose weight but, how exactly does the “carb and weight loss” relationship work?… This article will explain the role of carbohydrates in the ongoing battle of losing weight.

Carbohydrates are one of the major sources of energy our body uses to function. The digestive system brakes them down producing glucose (blood sugar) that supply cells with energy. Cells take only what they need to function, then the next stop for the extra glucose that can not be used immediately is the liver and muscles, where it is stored in the form of glycogen. Once we have a full reserve of glycogen, whatever glucose is left is converted to fat.

There are different types of carbohydrates, they could be simple or complex depending on their chemical composition, but it’s a bit more complicated to classify carbs when it comes to the way they get digested in our body. For the purpose of this article we will talk about good and bad carbs based on their effect on blood sugar.

Bad carbs get digested very fast producing high bursts of blood sugar and the body will not have a chance to use it all for energy or store it as glycogen, so most of it will be turn into fat causing us to gain weight… Terrible carb and weight loss relationship.

Good carbs on the other hand, get digested more slowly, producing a more stable source of energy that can then be used more efficiently by our body, leaving smaller amounts if any that will need to be converted to fat. Perfect carb and weight loss relationship.

Carbohydrates provide us with energy necessary for our daily activities, if we want to lose weight we need to get our supply of energy from good carbs. Sources of good carbs include fruits and vegetables, whole grains and beans. Try to avoid highly processed foods, white bread, white rice and of course sugary drinks, as these are all sources of bad carbs.

Alex Villa is an avid researcher of the weight loss industry. He runs an informational website that provides weight loss facts, product reviews and uncovers the most common weight loss scams. To save time finding the best weight loss program and how you can put it to work for you, visit http://wl-advise.com

Lose Weight Fast By Eating Good Carbs

You really are attempting to shed abdomen fat and additionally get back into shape and yet you have virtually no concept where to begin. Starting out is without a doubt the toughest aspect. You think you’re going through everything properly with the new weight loss plan however you’re not seeing virtually any results. You’ve considered or maybe tried all of the contradicting and misinformation type diets on the web with minimal or even no results and you also don’t want the diet plan to take over your daily life. You want a technique that keeps you encouraged and also does not include eating dull diet foods.

Okay, lets discover exactly what is the # 1 enemy in losing stomach fat and fat in general. Sugar folks, without a doubt sugar stands out as the huge reason you can’t slim down, and I do not mean sugar through sugary snacks or doughnuts plus the like. Sugar which comes from carbohydrates is actually the source I’m speaking about. Orange juice, bran muffins, whole wheat bread as well as things that are suppose to be nutritious and low in fat are not at all times healthier for you. They convert into sugar as soon as they hit your stomach and that’s when the issues begin.

Our most important body organ and also one of the most critical ones in our body is the liver. The liver serves a wide range of functions yet plays a really major role in our metabolic process. Whenever we actually eat these types of so called wholesome carbs we get a increase in our blood sugar and when it remains high for any lasting amount of time insulin kicks in, in order to reduce your blood glucose levels and basically tells your body to retain fat. Along with the lowered blood glucose levels most of us end up hungry again, for that reason we eat more unhealthy carbohydrates and begin the roller-coaster cycle which stops you from losing fat all over again.

So exactly what is the answer? We need the hormone insulin however we need to eat the proper healthy foods in order to control it better and to be able to shed abdomen fat (and fat generally speaking). Don’t assume all carbs are the same and some of them do you much more harm than good. Carbohydrates are necessary for your body to work correctly, nonetheless you must steer clear of the types your body does not need, for example whole grain crackers, whole wheat breads, whole grain pasta, and so called health cereals, all of which put you in that fat storing cycle.

Exactly what carbs can we try to eat that will promote the fat burning in your body? In case you got upset with me when I included bread.. read on. You can find a lot of good breads made from sprouted grain, rice, spelt, plus they taste excellent to. Or in the event you love rice use millet or even quinoa instead…do you enjoy potatoes? Well try out sweet potatoes alternatively, simply add just a little cinnamon and butter for a wonderful flavor and still burn plenty of body fat. ALL fruits and vegetables are excellent with regard to fat-burning.

Next there’s beneficial fats as opposed to undesirable fats. Yes you read that right, good fats. We have to have fat to eliminate fat. It has been drummed into our brains for us to stay away from eating fats if we want to get rid of weight, but they are vitally important to our bodies, and eating the right types of fat will certainly reduce fat off one’s body! Eating the wrong kinds of fat is going to cause you to retain unwanted fat! Your metabolic process increases whenever you consume the good kinds of fat, which in turn burns abdominal fat.

Avoid these kinds of fats as they can cause you to increase fat…vegetable oils, canola oil, margarine, hydrogenated oils, substitute butters… read the ingredients people, it’s NOT REAL BUTTER!! They simply become stored fat.

So a few of the good fats, such as avocados, whole free range eggs, olive oil, raw nuts, organic extra virgin coconut oil…yeah truly…these types of natural unprocessed fats are precisely what you require in order to help an individual lose stomach fat.

Processed foods are yet another enemy associated with your stomach fat since they consist of unhealthy chemicals, and also are generally full of sugars. Avoid artificial sweeteners, hydrogenated oils, high fructose corn syrup… your liver breaks down fats, however if it really is overwhelmed by these processed foods and chemicals it gets rid of them first and forgets about the fat.

Eating great foods together with healthy fats like fish, olive oil, free range grass fed steak, vegetables, sweet potatoes, whole free range eggs together with tons more that create healthy delicious meals will help an individual lose weight, burn stomach fat and keep it off once and for all.

Eat well and be fit for life,


To learn more about getting rid of stomach fat and also consuming the right foods go to Learn the Fastest Way to Shed Belly Fat. .

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Lost Weight By Cutting Carbs

I did lose weight by cutting carbs.  I cut a lot of carbs out and it did work for me. I lost 40 lbs but it took me almost 6 months.  I found it pretty easy to follow.  It’s pretty to eat.  The foods on the diet consisted of vegetables and meat.  I didn’t eat fruit for almost 4 months. 

After a few weeks you don’t really crave the carbs and you can stay on it pretty regularly.  I did the diet during holidays and didn’t have that much trouble.  But after almost a year I wanted to eat something.  I think everybody’s ethnic and familial lifestyles affect them.  For me, it was not eating rice for so long that I missed.  I am a big sushi eater so this was a sacrifice for me.  I wanted to eat a pizza, or pasta and these were off limits to me. 

When I went off the diet I gained everything and more.  The truth is, this type of eating plan can only be something you consider to be a diet and temporary.  Nobody wants to eat meat and vegetables solely for the rest of their lives.  It’s impractical.  The best diet would be one that you can keep up for the rest of your life.  It would be part of your life and would be healthy and practical.

Currently, I’m eating 5 smaller meals a day consisting of lean meats, vegetables, fruits and whole grains. It increases your metabolism.  You have much more energy and your not as hungry because you are eating more frequently.

The other thing is I’ve tried to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day which helps you to feel fuller.  Drinking a glass of water with my meal has helped me to eat less. 

Also,  I try to take smaller bites and chew more.  Along with this tip, is using smaller plates. Smaller bites and smaller plates seem to help with eating less.  I know it sounds corny but it does work.

I lost weight by cutting carbs and it does work for the short term but the harsh reality is that you can’t really keep it up for the rest of your life. Do you want to lose weight fast and healthy? Get more FREE info by clicking here!

Fay Maxson is the author of several weight loss articles. She resides in Honolulu Hawaii

The Truth About Carbs

What is the truth about carbs? Carbohydrates have been given a bad reputation in recent years.

If you believe everything suggested by the diet industry and the media, the only way to lose weight is to never touch a piece of fruit, a slice of bread, or a bowl of pasta again! Not only is this way of thinking inconvenient, it could also be harmful.

The human body is designed to function optimally when it receives certain types of food. Carbohydrates are one of the kinds of food the body needs. Let’s examine the types of carbohydrates, and how they contribute to a healthy weight loss diet.

Simple Carbohydrates

Simple carbohydrates are the “bad carbs” that you’ve been hearing about. Their molecular structure is very small, so the body easily absorbs them. Your body quickly converts simple carbohydrates into simple sugars. This makes carbohydrates taste good, as well as leading your body to store the excess as fat. Simple carbs consist of foods like white bread, cake, cookies, and white flour pasta. These foods should be limited or avoided if you are attempting to lose weight.

Complex Carbohydrates

Complex carbohydrates are essential for proper nutrition. They provide quick energy, as well as essential nutrients and fiber. The fiber they contain makes them stick around your body a little longer, while still allowing them to convert to much needed energy fast. Limit your servings to a few a day, and you should be fine. A good guideline is to aim for 30-45 grams of carbohydrates per day, with 15-20 grams per serving.


The amount of fiber in a carbohydrate needs to be taken into consideration. As you choose your daily carbohydrates, you can deduct the fiber grams from the carbohydrate grams. For example, if a cereal contains 25 grams of carbohydrates per serving, but also contains 5 grams of fiber – those 5 grams don’t count toward your daily total! Adding fiber to your diet is a quick way to aid weight loss – choose foods like whole grain breads, fruits, and vegetables.

When you begin a weight loss plan, it is easy to assume that you must cut out carbohydrates. However, complex carbohydrates can be included in your weight loss diet. Choose whole grain foods such as brown rice, multi-grain bread, and whole wheat pasta. Be sure to include fruits and vegetables, and you’re on your way to a weight loss plan that includes carbohydrates.

There you have it – the truth about carbs!

Find out the real Truth About Carbs. Did you know that you can eat foods that you like and watch the pounds melt off? This Fat Loss Program teaches you how.

Why Carbs Are Bad

The latest trends in dieting bash Carbohydrates as bad, but has anyone bothered to explain why?  Talking with Roger Snow, Owner and Operator of Rocky Mountain Grain Products, shed some light on not only why carbohydrates are not the ideal human food source, but also why we keep eating them in spite of their drawbacks.

Gradual Weight Gain
“Now the reason why carbohydrates like, bread, pasta, potatoes and rice, are very bad for us is because of how the body digests these,” says Roger.  “When the body digests fats, it does it very slowly.  The body doesn’t get energy out of fats quickly.  But the body does [get the energy] out of carbohydrates quickly, so if you are climbing Mount Everest or something and you were eating carbohydrates, you’d burn them all up and there’d be no problem.  However, in our society if we eat sugar and carbohydrates, we get more energy than we can use and so the body starts storing it as fat.

“So virtually everyone in our society gradually puts on a few pounds every year, maybe just one, but after 50 years that’s 50 pounds.”
“That’s what happens to everyone who eats carbohydrates,” says Roger, “You get more energy than you can use and some of it becomes fat. And fat just keeps accumulating.”

Energy Roller Coaster
While weight gain has been noted as the number one reason to avoid carbohydrates as of late, the detriment of carbohydrates goes beyond picking up a few pounds here and there. Roger diagrams that viscous cycle of energy highs and lows that come from eating carbohydrates.  People tend to eat carbohydrates because they are convenient and a part of so many meals, but then the carbohydrates spike the person’s blood sugar and the energy from the food is expended in a burst. 

Since the energy from the food is spent quickly, people feel shortly after like they need more energy and fast!  So naturally they turn to wait their body instinctively knows will give them the much needed energy the quickest…carbohydrates. He says, “The way it works is that people tend to run around and keep going after those quick energy fixes, like coffee, sugar, and pop, so that they have enough energy to make it through the day.”  Roger describes the tragic situation as, “planning your life from coffee pot to coffee pot.”  This pattern of carbohydrate boost and energy bust creates a roller coaster effect which, understandably, many people find difficult to break.

Sludge in Your System
In talking with Roger about the effects of hemp hearts, he mentioned that one thing people complain about is loose stools.  While people may blame the change in their elimination on the addition of hemp hearts, what they fail to realize it that the hemp hearts are in fact cleaning out junk already in their system!  “I think instinctively everyone should know if you eat bread, pasta, potatoes, and rice, there isn’t much in those things to hold them together. 

They’re all starch,” says Roger, “So your body is full of those things.  It becomes all sludgy in your body and it doesn’t clean out regular.  It doesn’t move through right.  There’s not much to hold it together.  So if you’re just starting to eat hemp and you have a body full of bread, pasta and rice sludges, you can expect to have a period of time when you’re cleaning out and you’re going to be looser than you want to be.”

Hemp hearts can help with each of these issues.  Since the body does not digest hemp hearts quickly, they are a substantial source of energy to fuel a person through the day, and because the person’s energy is stabilized, it is easy to avoid turning to carbohydrates and sugars as an energy booster to make it through the day.  As Roger said, hemp hearts do help one to clean out whatever unhealthy stuff in is their system already.  Hemp hearts can help a person cut down on things that are not beneficial, however, as Roger says,

“The only way hemp hearts makes sense is if people use it to change the way they eat, not to add it to an unhealthy lifestyle.”

~ Natasha Beth