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Raw Foods Diet Menu Examples

Starting a raw foods diet can sound daunting especially if you are currently eating a “typical” diet that does not focus on raw foods. To get started you will want to ease into the diet plan. To make a smooth transition you will want to start by first changing your breakfast, followed by your other meals and snacks. Let’s take a look at the types of foods you will be eating.

General Tips

1. On a raw foods diet, you will want to be eating a balance of the different types of foods allowed. You will want to make sure your daily intake includes carbs such as green leafy vegetables like lettuce, spinach, chard and kale. You will also want to make sure you are getting enough of the good fats everyday which will consist of your nuts, seeds, oils, olives and avocados.

2. You may want to indulge your sweet tooth by eating your sweeter vegetables and fruits. You can also add raw dairy products to your diet as well as soy milk to have enough of these comfort foods, especially in winter or cold climates.

3. You may find that it is not necessary to consume too much water while on a raw foods diet. You will be getting a decent amount of water from the foods you are now eating, so it will only be necessary to drink when you are thirsty. But better to keep hydrated that not, so just ensure you drink enough.


Planning meals, especially at first can be tricky if you are not used to the raw food diet plan. As already mentioned it is usually easiest to start with breakfast. There are plenty of options to choose from. For breakfast you can eat a large bowl of melon or fresh berries with some nuts. Other ideas include juicing your own fruits and vegetables to make a nutritional breakfast juice. Smoothies are also a popular choice on this diet. You can easily blend your favorite fruits with coconut juice or almond milk.


When you are ready to add on lunch, again there is an endless variety of options to pick from. Big leafy salads with veggies and fresh made salad dressings are a popular choice. Salad dressings can easily be made by blending avocados with lemon or orange juices or by mixing cold pressed extra virgin olive oil with your favorite fruits.


Some ideas for dinner include lettuce or cabbage wraps filled with raw hummus and vegetable or avocados and veggies. Vegetable salads made with cucumbers, tomatoes, zucchini or whatever fresh veggies you have on hand are also great choices. Adding nuts or raw cheese to your salads and wraps can also add variety. Making a raw veggie soup or adding pesto to veggie dishes are other tasty options.


Raw food diet snacks are also pretty easy to come by. Just eating some fresh fruit or a handful of raw nuts are great options. Dried fruits especially during the winter months are also a popular choice. Frozen fruit shakes on a warm day can be very refreshing.

As you can see transitioning to a raw food diet can really be quite simple. Start slowly adding one meal at a time. Before you know it you will be enjoying the diet and all the benefits that go along with it.

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4 Examples Of Body Cleanser

If the place of residence happens to be a highly urbanized locality, it’s advisable for these individuals to engage in internal detoxing. These individuals are liable to unhealthy problems as a result of polluted surroundings. Because of the polluted air, water and toxin-full foods, the individuals in these places become vulnerable to various medical conditions. It becomes imperative for these individuals to have any kind of body cleanser at home which can readily be used.

You can now choose your detoxification method from these four straightforward ways.

Lemonade Detoxification

Celebrities and conventional people utilized the lemonade cleanse. Initially, advocates of this method is concerned with weight loss and not toxin elimination. Although this method in reality may cause some shedding off of weight, the primarily benefit is still toxin expulsion.

Having been popularized, the lemonade juice was vastly adopted as it is straightforward to carry out and is very cheap. You can even carry out this any place – in your homes or in any preferred place. Some call this lemonade juice diet a fasting diet wherein no food is ingested for a period of time. The restriction of solid foods into the system will then restrict also the inflow of toxins. As the lemon juice contains vitamin C and bioflavonoid, toxins can be removed to leave an entirely cleansed body.

High Fiber Diet

The colon should be kept clean as this is the part responsible for waste elimination. Fiber is needed to detoxification the colon. You need to have a high fiber diet that includes a big amount of psyllium husk. This psyllium will carry out the task of scraping the impacted toxins along the intestinal area. The poisons that build up in the body can eventually develop into polyps and tumors that can later become cancerous. You will in point of fact need fiber as this will help in toxin elimination through standard bowel movement.

Vitamin C

Taking 5,000 to 10,000 milligrams of vitamin C can be a way of cleanse. Indeed, ingesting this amount of ascorbic acid for many days can help in flushing out the toxins.

Even taken in big dosage, this perform not cause any destructive effect. The worst could just be diarrhea and loose fecal matter.


Niacin can be used as a detoxing method and its effect is in the blood. The blood is dilated by this nutrient and the fatty tissues can be accessed. Toxins then in the fatty tissues can be flushed out. This will even increase the source of oxygen in the body. But you have to be careful in choosing the niacin drug – make sure you perform not buy the non-flush niacin or nicotinamide. All these four are simple to carry out and are really very inexpensive so if you want a complete Body Detox, you can pick any of these.

Body Cleansing must be done as regularly as possible to prevent the build-up of destructive toxic materials. If you go to the Google search engine and type in “Herbal Body Cleanser” you will find more information.

Examples Of Nutrisystem Products

When people write to me asking for information about the “Nutrisystem products,” few seem to realize that there are so many choices available. There are several options for both men and women. And there are several specialty or deluxe options too. I will discuss the many choices that you have on this diet in the following article.

Nutrisystem Products For Women: With in the women’s category, you can chose from several packages. There is the basic women’s (which I believe is the most popular.) This diet runs around $ 299 per month (but there are always coupons) and has you eating five times per day. You will eat three meals and a snack plus a dessert. You are eating the food that the company provides, although you are asked to add in healthful, fresh sides.

There is also a vegetarian option (it’s the same idea as the basic plan but the foods are only made up of meatless options like veggie lasagna, veggie fajitas, etc.) Additionally, there is what is called “silver” for women over sixty. Finally there is a diabetic plan which provides a package which is “glycemic friendly” and meant for folks with type two diabetic (it’s called the “D” program.)

Nutrisystem Products For Men: I’m not sure why, but the men’s programs don’t seem to enjoy as much advertising as the women’s. We all know that Jillian Barberie is the women’s spokesperson, but the guy celebrities like Dan Marino, Don Shula, and Chris Berman just don’t get as much attention.

However, there is a men’s line. And it basically runs a lot like the women’s but the packages provide a touch more calories and protein. As with the women’s, under the men’s umbrella we have the basic, vegetarian, silver, and diabetic. (Note: You can chose your own foods within any of these programs by placing a custom order. This doesn’t cost extra and this is also true of all the women’s programs too.)

Nutrisystem Flex: This is really a new line and it’s been very well received. The flex plan is the lowest priced plan at just over $ 200, but the reason for this is that it’s sort of a part time plan. You take two days every week off. The foods are basically the same, but you don’t need as many of them. You can take any two days off, although most people will take advantage of this on the weekend.

The Select Plan: There’s another plan that works for both men and women and it’s called “the select” plan because the foods are frozen and are touted as being restaurant quality. This package is a bit more expensive, but some of the foods are exceptionally good. Some people think it’s worth it to pay the extra for this and some will just order some of their favorite select foods individually with their regular order.

Other Nutrisystem Products: Vitamins, Exercise Equipment, Mind Set Makeover, Etc.: The company doesn’t limit itself to just food. If you go to the a la carte section of the site, you’ll see that they also sell vitamins, work out videos, recipe books, excise bands and equipment.

One product that I can really recommend is the “mindset guide.” This is sort of a behavioral / psychological guide that takes you week by week and offers support and questions to help you determine (and then change) your sabotaging behaviors and beliefs. Weight loss is not all about calories. It’s psychological tool and I found this resource to be very helpful. The company does offer free counseling, but the mind set book is a good resource to use in addition to this because you can pick it up and come back to it when you need to. I’ve also seen it offered for free sometimes.

Ava’s Nutrisystem Review Website features a full food and product list, videos, tips, coupons (sometimes $ 100 off or weeks of food for free), comparisons to other popular diets, information on the diet’s flex program and the free counseling, and FAQs related to success on this diet. She also offers a free ebook (“Getting The Most Out Of Nutrisystem”) to help you get started. You can visit her at http://celebrity-diet-review.com/.

Ava’s nutrisystem review website with the latest coupons is at http://celebrity-diet-review.com

Examples Of Nutrisystem Foods

I get a lot of emails asking me about the food offerings, taste, and variety of the Nutrisystem foods.  I understand this because when I was researching this diet, the food was what I was most interested in also.  After all, you’re going to be eating this food at almost every meal (unless you go with the flex program) so it’s important that you’ll actually find it enjoyable or at least tolerable.  Because if you don’t, it’s just not going to be a positive experience that you’ll want to repeat or stick with. So, in the following article, I’ll list what would be a sample or typical menu for me so that you can see what a day might be like should you chose this diet.

Decent Amounts Of Variety, Decent Taste: Before I get into the actual meals, I want to take a minute to assure you that the food really is not that bad.  Most of it is not only edible, but actually pretty good. And the choices are pretty plentiful on Nutrisystem. There are over 170 foods to chose from, and much of them are comfort foods, snacks and desserts.  You really do get to eat pizza, burgers, tacos, and cake on this plan.  And while this fare doesn’t exactly taste like junk food, it’s decent enough and you have to appreciate being able to eat these things because not all diets would allow this.

Sample Nutrisystem Breakfast:  I think that breakfast is really composed of the best that this diet has to offer.  There are so many decent choices here.  I love the blueberry muffins and scones. The pancakes are decent too.  I don’t like oatmeal as a general rule, but the diet oatmeal tastes a lot like Quaker brand, and the cereal is a nice option to have, as this is technically a low carb diet.  I suppose the only option that I steer clear of for breakfast is the eggs, but I don’t like non diet eggs either.

Nutrisystem Mid Morning Snack Offerings:  The premise of this diet consists of three meals, one snack, and dessert.  I like to have my snack mid morning, but you could have it at any time.  I know a lot of people who have it at around 3 o’clock when they begin to get hungry for dinner.  I like to have the pretzels or the chips here.  You can also have some of the dessert foods as your snack, and although I will do this sometimes, I often try and stick to the salt for my snack rather than the sweet.

Nutrisystem Lunch Sample Menu: If there is a weakness of the  diet, the lunch is it, in my opinion.  There are just too many soup options and I don’t like soup.  I finally wised up and learned to just order more dinners with my package.  This doesn’t cost anymore and the company allows you to hand pick your foods.  However, if I did have to chose from the lunch foods, I’d go with the cheese tortellini or the fudge bar. The chicken salad isn’t too bad either.

Typical Nutrisystem Dinner: The offerings become much better here.  There’s a lot to like.  I find the pizza to be pretty good (I like the flat bread variety.) The macaroni and cheese and lasagna are also good.  The tacos require a little dressing up, but they can be made to be tasty.  The mushroom risotto is addictive and I would eat this even if I were not on a diet.  The texture on this is wonderful and very creamy.

Nutrisystem Dessert Choices: This too is where the diet shines.  There is not one option that I don’t like in this category, but I’d have to say that my favorites are the almond biscotti and the chocolate cake. If I had to pick my least favorite, it would probably be the strawberry short cake bar as this really isn’t like your traditional dessert, but this one is still pretty tasty. I just would rather they have made it an actual cake or muffin rather than a bar.

You would have the same menu if you you went with the flex plan.  The foods offered aren’t any different. What’s different is that you’re only eating the foods five days out of the week rather than every day.  You get any two days off on the flex plan so it’s the cheapest option out there.

Want to see a full food list? Ava’s Nutrisystem Review Website features videos, more details on the flex plan, tips, coupons ($ 100 off or weeks of food for free), comparisons to other popular diets, information on the counseling, and FAQs related to success on this diet. She also offers a free ebook (“Getting The Most Out Of Nutrisystem”) to help you get started. You can visit her at http://celebrity-diet-review.com/nutrisystem

Ava’s nutrisystem review website with the latest coupons is at http://celebrity-diet-review.com/nutrisystem

Three examples of aroma chemicals

The following Examples will serve to illustrate certain specific embodiments within the scope of aroma chemicals and are not to be construed as limiting the scope thereof.


aroma chemicals4,4,6-trimethylbicyclo[4.2.0]octane-2-ol

To a 2-liter 3-necked flask fitted with a mechanical stirrer, additional funnel, reflux condenser and drying tube was added 15 g. (0.39 mole) of sodium borohydride and 500 ml. 2-propanol. To this solution was slowly added 218.6 g. (1.317 moles) of 4,4,6-trimethylbicyclo[4.2.0]octane-2-one in 50 ml. of 2-propanol. After 2 hours, about 200 ml. of water was added. The mixture was stirred an additional 1 hour, then about 35 ml. concentrated hydrochloric acid was added. After another 1 hour of stirring, 400 ml. of toluene and 500 ml. of water were added. The layers were separated and the organic layer was washed three times with 100 ml. of water. The combined water layers were extracted with toluene. The toluene layers were combined and dried over potassium carbonate. The solution was concentrated in vacuo and the residue distilled through a 25 cm. Vigreux–column to yield 215.8 g. (1.284 moles, 97.5 % yield) of 4,4,6-trimethylbicyclo [4.2.0]octane-2-ol. IR: 3360 cm -1 .


aroma chemicalstricyclo[ 2 ,9 ]tetradecane-11-ol

To a solution of 2.06 g. (0.01 mole) of the tricyclo ketone in 100 ml. of 2-propanol in a 250 ml. Erlenmeyer flask equipped with magnetic stirring bar was added 0.57 g. (0.015 mole) of sodium borohydride. The reaction mixture was stirred overnight. The mixture was transferred to a separatory funnel, a few drops of concentrated hydrochloric acid added, and then extracted with three 100 ml. portions of ether. The combined ether extracts were washed with three 25 ml. portions of 10% aqueous sodium bicarbonate solution, dried over magnesium sulfate and concentrated in vacuo to yield a white crystalline solid that was recrystallized from petroleum ether to yield 1.20 g. (0.0058 mole, 58% yield) of tricyclo[ 2 ,9 ]tetradecane-11-ol. m.p.: 141.5° – 142.0° C. IR: 3610 cm -1 , 3450 cm -1


The characteristic aroma chemicalss of some of the compounds of the instant invention are as follows:


Compound of Example Aroma chemicals


i camphor, minty, woody, patchouly

II weak to odorless, woody

III sandalwood

IV camphoraceous, musty, sweet


VI sweet, powdery, weak, fairly



While the invention has been described herein with regard to certain specific embodiments, it is not so limited. It is to be understood that variations and modifications thereof may be made by those skilled in the art without departing from the spirit and scope of the invention.

aroma chemicals

aroma chemicals

aroma chemicalss

Examples of Thermal Energy

Thermal energy is a type of solar energy that is becoming more popular as consumers discover the options of solar-generated power. The most common types are solar thermal energy and ocean thermal energy.

There are three basic forms of solar thermal energy collectors: low, medium, and high. Each can be used residentially or commercially.

1. Low temperature thermal energy collectors, are flat plates that are most often used for heating, cooling, ventilation, and to process heat. In the United States, 25% to 50% of energy is used on heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. This percentage can be offset by the use of solar thermal energy. The collectors gather energy throughout the day, then release it as temperatures lessen, usually in the evening. Most often, thermal collectors use stone or concrete in water. Solar chimneys have been used for hundreds of years, collecting energy throughout the day, then releasing it later on. Updrafts from the chimney release the heat. This technology is still used in the Middle East today.

2. Medium thermal energy collectors are also in flat plate form but are instead used for creating hot water, residentially and commercially. They are primarily used for cooking, drying, and pasteurization. This technique is valued because it lowers pollution, as well as the use of fuel and firewood.

3. High temperature thermal energy collectors are not in plate form, but use fluid-filled pipes and mirrors and lenses to collect and focus the sun. In the past, water was used in the pipes, but newer technology is using molten salt, which is converted to liquid form, then heated by the sun. The energy generated with high temperature thermal energy collectors is generally used for electric power production.

Ocean thermal energy is generated using the temperature difference between deep and shallow waters. There is a slight temperature ratio found in oceans, which means that at times this technology is not as efficient as necessary. Newer technology is finding ways to use the maximum energy efficiency of ocean thermal energy.

Nearly 70% of the Earth’s surface is covered with water. This water has ample time to be heated by the sun, which gives vast potential to ocean thermal energy. Ocean thermal energy is renewable, and if developed properly, can help solve the world’s energy problems. Water pumps and material costs of ocean thermal energy can be expensive, however this can be offset through the benefits of this abundant, renewable energy.

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5 examples of great CRM

Customer relationship management (CRM) software has become an essential element of the IT arsenal of businesses of all shapes and sizes. Different businesses follow different CRM implementations. The following are a few examples of the way in which CRM has solved an important business issue.

Telemarketing teams

CRM software can be particularly valuable for businesses that sell over the phone. A specialist business magazine has found that its current practice of keeping leads in different central databases makes it difficult for sales people to systematically call prospective subscribers. The publisher implemented a CRM solution with a single, central database connected to a telesales software package. Now the publisher’s sales force has an automated system that brings up the details of a lead whilst dialling the number at the same time.

Multi-division businesses

Large businesses with multiple product divisions sometimes have single clients that buy products across the company. However with separate sales and support teams for each division, client data is entered over and over by different teams and one particular sales team may have no idea as to what other purchases the client may have made. A CRM solution with a centralised database allows everyone in the company to access all available data on a particular customer which enhances cross-selling opportunities, reduces repetition and allows for a more informed sales and support team.

Workflow optimisation

Firms that sell products with an extensive order and delivery workflow, such as an aircraft manufacturer, frequently need access to client data at different points in the fulfilment process. If the client’s data is in a number of discreet places, considerable time will be wasted trying to find details on different aspects of the order. A centralised CRM solution focused on workflow optimisation gives everyone access to the complete order details such as seating specification which reduces any errors or delays in the fulfilment process.

Marketing automation

Perhaps the quintessential role of CRM software is to make it easier to market to existing and prospective customers. A pet supplies company that sells via mail order found that sending out catalogues to their internal Excel contact list is unprofitable and does not reach all of the firm’s previous and prospective customers. The CRM solution the company installed made it easier for all staff members to enter the details and preferences of every single customer including those who have enquired but not as yet ordered. This has enabled the pet supplies company to send a vastly more targeted catalogue maillot to a broader set of contacts.

Management reporting

Adding up monthly sales figures and analysing which products are best sellers can be tricky when the source data consists of a mountain of invoices and order forms. A supplier of computer components has found it difficult to determine which of its products lines are best sellers and what type of customer is, in fact, the most profitable. This company decided to implement a CRM solution focused on the order process and now has the ability to extract detailed management reports using a variety of criteria.

3 Examples of How Microsoft CRM 2011 Improves User Productivity

This article was written by Workbooks, leading supplier of web-based CRM.

Examples of Compensation Claim

A very famous proverb in Hinduism explains the idea of brotherhood thus:


“If you accidentally poked yourself in the eye with your finger, you wouldn’t be angry with your finger – you wouldn’t cut it off. Think of anyone who’s caused you pain like you would think of your own finger”


However, now we don’t have to resort to this proverb – we can simply fine a claim and seek compensation. Compensation claims are a legal recourse when we have had to pay for or suffer injuries that were not our fault. Thus, almost any kind of injury comes under its purview. Yet, terms like work accident claim, road accident claim, motorbike claim, slip, trip and fall claim can be quite confusing to someone who’s already suffering. Here’s a list of the kind of claim that you can file.


Generally, all claims relating to injuries suffered on your person – as in, on your body – are called personal injury claims. How these injuries were suffered, what caused them, is how the claims are differentiated with each other. Generally this will depend on the kind of situation you were in.


Let’s say you were walking on the sidewalk and an out-of-control car hits you. You possibly fracture a leg or arm. This would qualify as a road accident claim that has caused a personal injury. Similarly, if you were driving, and were hit by another car – that would be a car accident claim. If you were on a motorbike, it would be a motor bike accident claim. In such cases, you know exactly who’s at fault and can claim compensation from them.


Let’s say you were at a supermarket and you slipped on wet floor and fractured your ankle or your hip. Now ideally, wet areas are supposed to be marked with cautionary signs. If the supermarket failed to do this, you could file a claim for an injury sustained due to slip, trip or fall in a public place. Similarly, if your kid was playing on the swings in a public park and the swing gave away, injuring your child, you could file a claim to secure compensation from the civic authorities responsible for maintaining the park.


Envision another scenario: You constantly have backaches and finally, you were unable to get out of bed one day. Your doctor said it’s because of your posture in the office. On further probing, you realize that it’s actually your office chair that’s causing the pain. Not only you, in fact, many employees are complaining about their backs. All of them are entitled to ask for and to receive compensation for the medical expenses and the suffering they’ve had to undergo.


The underlying factor in all these cases is that the injuries have been caused by another person. Another important factor also is that the injuries have to have happened in the past 3 years from the time you file the claim. 


Any personal injury claim can also be pursued as a no win no fee claim. Find out more about this at claims4negligence.co.uk.

General Contractor Agreement Examples

A general contractor agreement should be secured prior to any construction work that you want to be done. You may have shaken hands on a verbal agreement, but it would be better if everything was put on pen and paper. This way, questions that could arise during the construction can be clarified, thus lowering the likelihood of confusions and misunderstandings.

Besides, one has to protect himself from problems that can harm him in the future. With a general contractor agreement, you can have legal protection. So for every home construction that you want to pursue for home improvement, never forget to come up with a contract between you and the contractor.

The Internet is filled with tons of contractor agreement samples for your own use and convenient. General samples can be downloaded for free or you can buy templates that can meet your contract requirements. Before you make a purchase, you have to check the contractor essentials first lest you make a waste of your money.

Check the Dates

All the dates included must be specified within the written agreement. These dates include the project start date, the working dates of the contractor, and the estimated project end date. The more specific your dates are, the better it would be. You can even include the working hours to make matters clearer between you and the contractor.

The dates are important because if the dates were not met, you can set the consequences that could occur. You should be able to state clearly what should be done in the event this really happens. Although it may seem like it is very constricting, it can be assured the whole procedure will be better if it is done this way.

Check the Scope

If you are already keen on date details, you have to be more vigilant regarding the project’s scope. It should be as comprehensive as possible, putting in all the details that should be worked upon. This may include the tools and materials to be used, the things that should be accomplished, the things that should not be done, and others relevant to the completion of the project.

Check the Payment

Usually, the final cost is just the only cost included on the agreement. To make things more transparent and to make you stay closer to your working budget, it would be better if you break down all the expenses that were incurred. Such expenses could be the cost of materials, transportation expenses, the labor itself, and others. Coming up with a payment schedule would not only make things clear, but it would also make the payment organized. Do not forget to include your mode of payment.

Check the Insurance

Construction work is very prone to accidents, so it is of significance to inquire about the insurance policies that are available and applicable. Know the liabilities of each person involved, because you will never know what can happen.

Indeed, a general contractor agreement involves some serious paperwork. You can actually draft one for yourself, but for your convenience and better protection, take a look at the examples first.

This article was written by JP Wallace. For more general contractor business resources, check out http://www.bookfresh.com

Thesis Statement Examples

A thesis is basically a write up or a report that is put fourth as a premise to a discussion, argument or sometimes it is just a uniform presentation of knowledge. it is the first statement that introduces the thesis and its contents and purpose. Before we refer to the thesis statement examples, let us have a look at the different types thesis statements. Broadly, thesis statements can be divided into 3 categories:
Analytical: An analytical thesis basically provides a comprehensive insight to some important issue and the true facts that are are related to the issue plus the analytical aspects of the same. You can check thesis statement examples for persuasive essays, if you are writing an smaller analytical thesis.
Expository: This is the simplest of all types of thesis, the expansionary thesis principally puts fourth some facts and simplified explanations regarding a specific idea, in front of the people.
Argumentative: The third type is that of the argumentative thesis and presents arguments between two view points. In some cases, only one view point may also be presented to the readers.
For inputs in the topic, you can refer to thesis statement definition and dissertations.

Some Thesis Statement Examples

There are some very good examples of thesis statements which can be presented before. These essay thesis statement examples are classified according to the type of thesis.

1.Analytical Thesis: An Analytical thesis as mentioned above involves the presentation of thoughts in front of the audience. Hence making baseless and logic free statements is dangerous. For example,

Terrorism is not an instruction of the Holy Religion of Islam

Here, it is obviously implied that the speaker wants to say that there is no connection between the Religion of Islam and the acts of terrorism. Hence it is wiser to make a bit longer but complete statement that can go as follows:

In contrast to general public belief in many nations and claims made by terrorists, terrorism is not ‘Jihad’ or a holy war by the Holy Religion of Islam. The act is a plague on the image of the Religion.

The examples of thesis statements for research papers must therefore have complete statements, which are backed by some wide truth. It is stated in the above examples of thesis statements that many people, in several nations believe that terrorism is ‘Jihad’. The belief of some people is the wide truth.’

Another example,

…theories and ideas of Karl Marx, have led to the development of conflicting political and economic ideologies, but these ideas indeed speak of the development of a society in which human being can live without conflict and fear…

2. Expository Thesis: Expository thesis statements are more precise and are also much easier to comprehend. Such a statement must be short, precise and true to fact. Here’s an example.

The Kashmir issue in the Indian subcontinent is a multidimensional vacuum…

A more appropriate completion of the statement would be,

The Kashmir issue in the Indian subcontinent is a multidimensional vacuum, with the interest of several parties at stake and righteous claimant, India willing to establish a compromising peace status quo…

Another example,

…the United Nations Security Council is a meaningless concentration of power of 5 nations…

It can be put in better works,

The veto power of all member nations, makes the United Nations Security Council a meaningless concentration of power of 5 nations…

Thus basically from these essay Thesis statement example, it be noticed that for a expository thesis example, we need a universal truth backing the new idea or claim. In some cases such type of writing is also known as persuasive writing and requires some acute writing skills.

3. Argumentative Thesis: The argumentative thesis statements are tough to write, because there are two conflicting ideas that are presented in the in the statement. Here’s are argumentative thesis statement examples…

Indian Parliament is a confluence of several ideologies, which sometimes proves to be a blessing but in cases a boon

It is quite obvious that there are bound to be conflicting arguments, but to make this statement even better, one can say that…

Indian Parliament is a confluence of several ideologies, which sometimes proves to be a blessing but in cases a boon, due to variable ideological principles.

Another thesis statement example can go as follows…

The United States economy has gone into a status of stalemate.

To put the fact in better words, one can say that,

Financial crisis and unemployment situations have put the United States economy into a status of stalemate.

For more writing tips on this type of thesis writing, you may refer to argument essay writing. You may also refer to essay writing, to sharpen your writing skills. I hope that the elaboration on thesis statement examples is resourceful.

business essays