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High Fiber Dog Food

You may heard lots of general ideas about the advantages of including high fiber food in human diet, but have you ever think how important high fiber dog food for your dog’s health as well? Here are some of the benefits of including pet food with high fiber content to your pet’s diet.

Fiber is so important ingredient to dog’s nutrition, and highly recommended by many vets since it is very functional for cleansing the digestive track. Let’s learn in depth why high fiber pet food is so beneficial to your sweet pet’s fitness.

How you will define fiber? Fiber is found in the cell walls of grains and plants. They are basically known as “insoluble carbohydrates”, which help in preventing enzymatic digestion that could occur usually in the small intestine. Some of the sources include pectin, resistant starches, gums, cellulose and hemicelluloses.

High fiber pet food helps to prevent and control several dog health problems such as diabetes, obesity, colon cancer, constipation etc.

Giving your dog with food which has more fiber content can help to reduce the risk of obesity and control the possibility of weight gain. These days, obesity or augmented weight has become one of the serious health issues to most pets because they are being fed with foods that are high in fat. These foods make them to gain extra calories, therefore to avoid excessive weight gain, feed your dogs with fibrous food. You must know that fibrous food are bulky, thus feeding your dogs with food rich in fiber makes them feel that their stomach is full though they only eat moderately. What great ideas of making your dog lose weight as well, right? This is good in keeping them in good health condition while giving them proper nutrition at the same time.

Another advantage of feeding your dog with fiber food is it helps to prevent the growth of dangerous bacteria in the body which can lead to some diseases. The fibrous food is converted into fatty acids by the good bacteria present in the dog’s body. Feeding your pet with foods rich in fiber can also helps to prevent the risk of colon cancer.

The most important function of low fat and high fiber food is to treat stomach and gastrointestinal problems in the pet. If your dog is suffering from constipation or diarrhea, you should give him foods that are high in fiber and with adequate amount of water. Somehow you have given your dog the best treatment in a natural way.

If you want the easiest way to feed your dog with fibrous foods, choose high fiber pet food in can available. Or you can feed your dog with wheat, beet pulp, tomato, oat bran, soy and soybean hulls, rice etc.

In addition, you should ensure that you feed your pet with high protein and fiber dog food because protein is very important for healthy growth, strong immune system and structural makeup.

Then again, if your dog have kidney ailments or kidney failure, or urinary tract infection, it is very important that you give him with low protein high fiber diet.

Finally, remember that feeding your pet with exact amount of fiber diet would help to prevent several dog health problems.

This is just an overview of how important high fiber dog food to your pet’s fitness. Pursue for more knowledge to make them happy and lighthearted… Learning is a nonstop process. So, if you love your pet and want to spend more time with them, then it is your job to provide them with tender loving care; and one way to make this possible is by giving them right food and enough attention.

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High Fiber Foods List

Fiber regulates bowel movements, normalizes blood sugar and cholesterol levels. There are many foods that can be used in our bodies for natural forms of fiber. Here are some of these:

Whole grains: They come in many forms, such as bread, muffins, and breakfast cereal. The great thing about them is that they are inexpensive, and they are easy to come by. It should be noted however, that if you decide to eat a large amount of whole grains, that you should also drink lots of water. Whole grains can get clogged up in the bowels, and then this will counteract the reason why you ate this fiber in the first place!

Fruits: Besides the fact that fruits just taste great, and are naturally sweet, they are full of fiber. Fruits are also 50%+ water, so this is truly a great natural combination. You should eat fruits like raspberries, cherries, grapes, peaches, and apricots. The last 3 fruits work really well when you eat them as dried fruit (ex: raisins). Plums are in the peach family, and they are well known for their fiber. (dried plums are prunes). Prune juice is known for its fiber, and for getting your digestive tract moving. The apple is the king of fiber… The skin of apples is especially rich in fiber, and the flesh has pectin and malic acid.

Nuts:Eat them all, they are all full of fiber, and they contain natural oils, which are good for your heart health, and your mental well being.

Vegetables: Like fruits, they are packed full of nutrients, flavor, fiber, and water. The best types of vegetables for fiber are your dark greens, potatoes with skin (yes, you can and should eat the skins), celery, salad greens, and cucumbers. These are all also full of water, so you can’t lose with any of these.

Beans/Legumes: If you like beans, then you are in luck (if you hate the gas, try pre-soaking them in water for a few hours). Beans have a great dietary profile, being full of protein and fiber and they are also pretty cheap. It only cost pennies to make a meal out of beans that will feed the whole family, and that will keep everyone healthy.

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Fiber Supplements for Weight Loss

Many people are using acai berry supplement for weight loss because this is one of the most effective methods of shredding off unwanted pounds in your body; while at the same time provide you with the daily nutrition you need. This remarkable fruit, which is dark-colored, round-shaped fruit much similar like red grapes, contains high amount of nutrition which makes it effective for losing weight; while supplying you with your needed vitamins and minerals.

Unlike other green tea supplements, this one really kicks your metabolism into high gear. The major difference you’ll notice right away is that this is a powdered supplement, whereas the teas are generally always in bags. By consuming a whole matcha green tea powder serving you effectively gain the same benefit to your metabolism as drinking an estimated 10 cups of green tea. However this isn’t because of caffeine content, in fact it is the active nutrients in matcha that stimulate your metabolism and keep it going in a smooth consistent manner

This berry also decreases your appetite. Less appetite means less intake. This really makes a big difference in making you lose extra pounds. This allows you to eat a variety of foods, and still lose weight. The good thing about acai berry supplements is that it also helps curb your cravings for sweets and carbohydrates. Now you do not have to worry about giving in to snacking and binging on the wrong food.

Your body tends to accumulate toxins and other harmful chemicals over time which tend to slow down your metabolism. Acai berry is a great antioxidant and it helps flush out such toxins and other chemicals from your system, This helps speed up your metabolism so that your body is better able to burn fat and break down complex molecules faster.

You will not lose a hundred pounds by simply using Acai berry supplements while continually sitting on the couch and eating fast food. It is not going to happen. However, you will lose a reasonable amount of weight depending on your exercise and diet regimen. It is recommended that you don’t lose too much weight at once as it is detrimental to the body. An average of 1-2 pounds a week is recommended as healthy weight loss.

The Acai comes in many forms these days. Sadly, only those who happen to live near where the fruit thrives are lucky enough to eat the fruit fresh from the time it is picked. For the most of us, supplements are the only options. They come in different forms from pills, tablets, capsules, juices, smoothies, dried fruit, and bars. You will definitely have one that you would prefer. It also comes in different brand names.

Do not be tricked by “multi-grain” marks on the food you are buying. In a fiber diet for weight loss, always choose “whole grains.” Whole grains are a kind of food made from solid grain kernels. The kernels are either ground (cereals and bread) or intact (oatmeal). Whole grains are rich in water-insoluble fibers, which help in digestion.

Though there are numerous supplements and diet pills claiming to be effective in helping your cleanse your body from the inside, eating foods that are rich in fiber will still be your best choice. One of the best sources of this nutrient is water and fresh fruit and veggie juice.

Increasing metabolism, converting fat to energy, and increasing overall energy expenditure is the mechanism employed by thermogenic and stimulant herbs to aid in weight loss. Cayenne is a hot pepper with capsaicin that stimulates the body’s digestive process and boosts metabolic rates. It raises the core body temperature and helps improve circulation as well. Citrus Aurantium is another herb that may improve thermogenesis (the conversion of fat to energy.) Kola nut may also help mobilize fats for energy and acts as a stimulant as well.

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High Fiber Fruit Diet

To add high fiber fruits into your diet will essentially help yourself to a better-rounded diet. Most of us wish for a longer, healthier lifestyle and by adding some high fiber fruits to your menu, you will have a better chance of achieving this. It is not widely known that a diet including fiber rich foods and fruits can be used well by our bodies and also have great benefits for us over time.

There are a lot of health organizations now attempting to spread the word about adding high fiber fruits to your diet as well as consuming good products in general for your body to be at its absolute best.

We can start by finding out exactly how much high fiber fruits we consume on a daily basis by reading the information labels on the sides of packaged foods. Keep an eye out for high fiber fruits on the label as the good ingredients labels can point out the healthy ingredients.

When it comes to high fiber foods and their benefits, it is sad that so many people are still ignorant to the good points and this may just be a case of being unaware, not caring or feeling they don’t have sufficient time to implement this type of diet. It would be fair to say that there still are a great number of people that just don’t realise the benefits of ingredient labels.

High fiber fruits especially can be a great add on to any healthy eating plan. When we mention high fiber fruits, these include fruits such as papaya, grapefruit, avocados, strawberries, kiwis and apricots. These fruits can be extremely tasty as well as be extra important for your wellbeing.

The main benefit of eating these fruits is that they clear out the digestive system for you. They also assist other foods in finding the easiest way through your digestive system along with making the disposal of waste more efficient. Research shows that the fiber may very well be linked to helping people fight illness such as diabetes and high cholesterol.

Some other fiber filled food groups including vegetables and whole grains. Plants are said to be rich in fiber. And ultimately, including vegetables in your daily meals will give your body extra fiber.

Breakfast is usually a great meal to pack full of fiber when you have foods like cereals and grains. Keep in mind the need to wash down your fiber foods with enough water to aid the digestive system and that to get the full benefits; you should regularly consume fiber foods each day.

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Foods Rich in Fiber

There are two types of fiber, insoluble (which does not dissolve in water) and soluble (which dissolves in water). Plant fibers occur naturally in whole grains, vegetables, and fruits. They always pass undigested through the digestive tract. It is recommended that the average adult consume approximately 21-38 grams daily. In this article I will reveal several health benefits which we can gain through the consumption of fiber.

Indeed, fiber is one of the most healthy food elements that we can include in our daily diet. A lot has been said about its benefits and there is no study that can disprove claims that it is good for our bodies. Whether for day-to-day health maintenance or as a way to prevent the occurrence of certain diseases, fiber-rich food such as fruits and vegetables have been around to help us achieve good health and well-being. But while the element offers a positive contribution to our lives in general, we can reap its benefits more fully when we know how to manage our fiber intake as effectively as possible.

Among the ways to optimize the benefits of fiber is for us to eat a variety of sources. We know rice is a good source of this food element, but it is not the only source and it would be better for us to widen our food choices. This is so that we can also enjoy the benefits of other nutrients that come with a whole variety of foods that have both fiber and other healthy nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, proteins and the like. As an alternative to having rice everyday, we can substitute it for oatmeal or wheat bread on other days.

Our intake of processed foods must also be reduced. Eating them often can take away our appetite and fool us into believing that we are full though they are devoid of any real nutritional benefits. This makes us less interested in high-fiber foods. Another reason why we should avoid processed foods are scientific evidence that these are highly addictive. Therefore, the more we eat them, the more we will crave for them and less we think that we need more healthy food.

The benefits of fiber are inarguable but we still cannot take things in a strike and consume high volumes of fiber-rich foods at once. We have a tendency to develop flatulence and feel bloated when we do so. This is due to the water-absorbing quality of this food element. It is a good idea, therefore, to increase our fiber intake gradually over a period of time.

The ideal fiber consumption of an average individual is about 25 – 35 grams per day. Those who have digestive diseases such as diverticulitis are usually prescribed fiber supplements so their digestive systems have to endure less of the heaviness but still reap fiber’s other benefits. Usually, these supplements are to be taken with 2-3.5 grams per tablespoon dissolved in eight ounces of water. Otherwise, it is best to eat high-fiber foods in their most natural state.

Are you looking for a healthy yet more convenient way to consume your fiber? Buy low carb pasta noodles, konjac noodles and other varieties of this wonder food. They can supply you a good amount of fiber for everyday health and wellness.

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