The Truth About Carbohydrates – What Should You Eat

By admin / March 30, 2017

In recent years, a new fad diet has proclaimed that all carbohydrates are bad. And millions have jumped on this bandwagon to find that they can indeed lose weight more quickly when they eliminate all carbs from their diet, instead eating foods that are rich in protein. However, not all carbs are bad, and some are actually essential to maintaining good health. Here is the truth about carbohydrates – what should you eat.

These new diets can be quite detrimental to ones health if not carefully studied and researched. And the truth about the low carb diet is that it is not entirely correct. When you learn to properly identify the good carbs from the bad, then you can reduce your intake of the bad. But the good carbs are essential for healthy living.

In truth, bad carbs are not hard to recognize. They are not disguised by a mask of looking good for you, unlike some other foods that are bad for your body. This category includes foods such as refined sugars, white flour, and processed foods, Nearly everything in a box or a bag is going to be a bad carb.

The good guys are not usually packaged or boxed. These are whole grains, whole fruit, and whole vegetables. They are good for your body and offer a lot of nutrients that are necessary for good health.

Most of us eat some good carbs every day without thinking about. These foods are quite easy to implement into a daily diet, and nearly everyone likes them. Besides fresh fruit, veggies, and whole grains, beans are also a popular good carb that offers an extra boost of protein, making them doubly good for consumption.

Of course everyone is concerned about keeping their weight under control. However, when your health is also considered, you will take care not to be fooled by new fad diets.

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