What You Should Know About Carbohydrates In Pizza

By admin / April 16, 2017

If you are on a diet that restricts your carbohydrate intake or if you are a diabetic and have to watch what you eat, you might be curious to know about the carbohydrates in pizza. Every so often, every one enjoys the chance to indulge themselves in their favorite kind.

If you are living with diabetes, chances are you already are aware of the effect that carbs have on your body and how they are the primary source of glucose. You also already know the importance of keeping track of the foods that you consume. If you carefully monitor your blood sugar levels, you can enjoy your favorite foods from time to time, including a slice or two, without too much worry.

The amount of carbs in your favorite pie will depend on the style of the crust that you choose. Those with thicker crusts, will contain as much as 70g for every 3 slices, or one half of a medium, making it one of the worst choices available.

By choosing a thin crust, you can reduce the carb intake to 45g for the same 3 slices. You can even make it a bit more health conscious by adding some fresh veggies instead of greasy meat, such as pepperoni.

Contrary to popular belief, choosing a diet brand will not mean fewer carbs. If you look at one of the top diet brands you might be surprised to find that it contains as many as 61g per serving, more than a regular thin crust.

If you were hoping to find a pizza with zero carbs, the bad news is that there does not appear to be any to choose from. As a diabetic or a person on a restricted diet you can have a slice or two without worrying about the carbohydrates in pizza. Especially if you control the size of your servings and carefully monitor your blood sugar. If you normally live a healthy life style, then it is okay to indulge yourself on occasion.

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