Why Do We Need Carbohydrates In The Diet Is Necessary

Carbohydrates are very important part of our diet.With the hectic and busy schedule of daily lifestyles, everyone needs a high energy content to survive and function appropriately. One often ask why do we need carbohydrates in the diet. Of course its very simple, they give maximum energy, they help accelerate the body metabolic processes and gains real body growth in every individual, both children and adults.

Carbohydrates have many food sources which are easily accessible to everyone and are often the most affordable food source available . It comes in forms of grains, cereals, bread, pasta, fruits, some vegetables, potatoes, honey. Mostly cereals, pasta or grains have a higher starchy content which yields more energy when consumed while vegetables has low energy content but still provides the body with various nutrients and vitamins.

Starchy foods are divided into simple sugar and complex sugar in which the simple sugar are very easy to digest and break down into glucose which is blood sugar to supply energy to the whole body. Body cells make use of glucose for cell repairs and divisions. However, complex sugars are complicated type of sugar which are not easy to digest but also provide the body with necessary fibres and nutrients for cell growth The sources of both simple and complex sugars are honey, pasta, fruits, grains, potatoes, vegetables and so many more.

With the intake of starchy foods, they gradually break down into glucose the blood sugar which is stored as glycogen in the liver. However, glucose levels depletes at a faster rate which instigates cravings for more food, this explains the maximum quest for and use of energy by the brain and nervous system for body functioning. But one should avoid certain sugary foods such as candies, cookies, sodas to prevent tooth decay, as they affect the insulin levels in the body.

Carbohydrates are very important for everyone, kids growing up, young and old all need about fifty five percent of carbohydrate in their diet to build up great energy levels, to build muscles, athletes adhere to a carbohydrate filled diet for energy, those with certain diseases such as diabetes need to regulate their intake of starchy food to control their insulin levels and those with hypoglycemia should also watch out. Also obese individuals are advised to be on carbohydrate diets filled with fiber and easy to digest which helps them stay regular.But for various BMI of different people, everyone should consume a carbohydrate diet according to their BMI [that is the basic mass index].

It is wise to consult a nutritionist to give directions on the basic specifications of recommended daily allowance– quantities to consume on daily basis to avoid obesity or to control diabetes or hypoglycemia . Carbohydrate will always be an important part of nutrition like protein, fatty acids and vitamins. For body mass and proper cell growth these nutrients are necessary but should be taken accordingly to avoid certain problems such as anorexia.

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